National Membership Month | Membership Tips – Week 1

National Membership Month | Membership Tips – Week 1

Focus: Recruitment

  • Produce a Public Relations (PR) chapter brochure/press kit
  • Utilize your local media to publicize your chapter and its events (Public Access TV, local newspapers, local radio, etc.)
  • Ensure that your chapter’s website displays appropriate presentation materials and is always current
  • Whenever possible, invite present and past Regional and/or National officers to speak to prospective members on the topic of “what does it mean to be a part of Zeta”
  • Observe women who are already involved in other organizations, as well as entrepreneurs, business professionals, media professionals, legal professionals, medical professionals, etc. in order to acquire diversity in your chapter
  • Prepare a 2 minute elevator speech on what can be said about the chapter to spark enthusiasm when making introductory presentations to interests
  • It is always important to be finer in your look, manner and attitude because you want to attract interested women who will represent Zeta well and to accomplish this it all starts with you
  • Try to host a diversity of chapter events which will attract women from different walks of life to the organization

Chapters we are interested in hearing from you so if you have any membership tips which you would like to share with the sisterhood please email your tips for the 3 r’s to and include your chapter and Region and they will be posted on the website.

“Always remember sharing our tips and best practices with each other will assist in the growth and development of our organization.”

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